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CA: DWjVPqEX4fPFQ47Xb7EegpGhgWzRviYfPoEWPnxz2CRd

  • $Tim is a true Community Takeover project. Nearly 200M tokens have been burned, enhancing scarcity and value, and another 150M tokens were donated by the devs to a community-controlled multi-signature wallet, ensuring transparency and collective decision-making.


    $Tim embodies the essence of ‘not giving a shit’. It’s a token for those who dare to step away from the herd, challenge conformity, and embrace their own uniqueness. In a world where following the masses is the norm, Tim stands out by voicing his own opinions and rejecting mindless echoing.


    Tim represents a movement for the bold and audacious, transcending beyond currency. It’s for individuals who break free from the status quo and explore new horizons. $Tim is not just a token; it’s a statement, a philosophy, and a new way to navigate the digital age.

  • Step 1

    Buy Solana on your favorite crypto exchange (ie. Coinbase, Binance, etc).

    Step 2

    Download a Solana wallet (ie. Solfare or Phantom) on your computer or phone.

    Step 3

    Send the Solana from the exchange to your Solana wallet address.

    Step 4

    Go to a decentralized exchange (ie. or Raydium), connect your wallet, and swap your Solana for Tim. Ensure the Tim contract address points to:


$Tim is now a true Community Takeover project. Read the About for more info!

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